Today, we’re happy to announce we’ve launched our Gainsight Connector. You can now sync all of your internal customer data into Gainsight! From company data to users data, you can build the best CTAs, playbooks, and scores using actual product usage data.

We always strive to help teams unify disparate internal sources of data and put valuable information at their teams’ fingertips. With this latest integration, customer success teams won't have to waste time pulling up info about an account when preparing a QBR, prepping for a meeting, or gathering info to understand what’s going on with their portfolio of accounts.

When you give time back to your customer success agents, they can manage more accounts and scale the account coverage of your CSM teams.

As with all our sync connectors we take care to minimize API usage and respect your plan's API rate limits automatically.

If you’re an existing customer, you can start using the Gainsight connector by going to your dashboard and if you’re new around here, start your free trial today and start doing more with your data today.