Why do eggs like April Fools’ Day?

They love practical yolks. 🍳

Dad jokes aside, we had some exciting announcements in April like using Looker Looks as models, new integrations with Google Analytics and Postgres (as a destination), and Mixpanel’s product-led growth story. Read on!

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🎉 Product Updates

👀 Census + Looker: Sync business logic in Looker to all your tools

Take business logic out of dashboards and sync directly into downstream tools to drive action with Looker Looks as models in Census. Build once, reuse everywhere!

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Census + Google Analytics: Sync first-party data to custom dimensions for trustworthy revenue attribution

  • Keep marketing metrics consistent across all your tools to evaluate marketing channel effectiveness, attribute user properties to revenue, and iterate faster and run big experiments with ads.

Census + Postgres: Enrich application data with insights from the warehouse

  • Drive more relevant product interactions by syncing modeled data from the warehouse back into app databases for action and automation.

🔗 Connectors



See the changelog for improvements to Zendesk, Mailchimp, Shopify, S3 authentication alternatives, and Braze.

✨ OA in Action: How Mixpanel’s data team enabled Product-led Growth

Adam Kinney, VP of Analytics at Mixpanel, shares his team’s goals when setting up their product-led growth data strategy. His advice: Plan for a long term investment in data quality, but don’t let it prevent you from getting started.

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Donny Flynn from Census, Jordan Peck from Snowplow, and Scott Breitenother from Brooklyn Data Co. discuss how to make the switch from DIY in-house tools to modern data stack solutions.

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