Notion’s all-in-one workspace helps teams emulate in-person magic even when coworkers are hundreds of miles apart. That's why we’re thrilled to announce our Notion connector! Using Census, business teams can sync trusted data from their warehouse to Notion tables for collaboration, reporting, and workflows.

🚫 No more copying and pasting

Automatically pull fresh data from your data warehouse to create new records in Notion, as well as update existing records. At Census, we’re dedicated to making data more accessible to business teams, while empowering data teams to maintain a high-quality, trusted source of truth for that data.

Notion’s partnership with us goes way back, and they actually use Census to build custom audience segments, sync lead scoring models, and enrich accounts with product usage context.

👉 Case Study: How Notion Uses Census to Do More With Their Data

✨ With Census and Notion, business teams can be truly self-serve with data in the warehouse, and power operational workflows such as:

  • Syncing product, billing, and customer data to Notion tables for pipeline reporting, financial forecasting, or campaign analysis
  • Creating dynamic tables for weekly update reports powered by the freshest data
  • Enriching product research and engineering roadmaps with customer data from the CRM or Google Sheets

Now, company-wide transparency and collaboration are even easier. Sign up for a free trial to start syncing today!

How to connect Census to Notion:

Watch the full tutorial (4 mins)

See the Census + Notion documentation for more details, or check out all of our other connectors.