Our mission is to help you unify customer data and make it widely available for teams across the business. Our connectors turn your data warehouse into a platform for your customer data, bringing it to all your favorite applications to make better decisions & provide better service to your users.

Today, we're excited to officially launch our Intercom Connector out of beta and have it available on Intercom’s App Store 🎉

You can now sync all of your internal customer data into Intercom to:

  • Display product usage metrics and save time when responding to support messages in Inbox
  • Use product data to create granular segments and send personalized in-app or email campaigns via Outbound
  • Show Product Tours for features that people aren't using
  • Send personalized messages that include product metrics in the email or in-app message
  • Automatically trigger emails based on data from other apps
  • … And many more use cases!

With Census, you can sync data to any Contact (Lead or Users) and to any Company.

See how easy it is to connect your warehouse to Intercom to sync data in this 5min demo video.

To get started, simply:

  • Add Intercom as a new service connection (we connect via OAuth, so you don't have to create an individual user for Census).
  • Create a new sync and use our visual data mapping UI to pick what information you want to make available in Intercom
  • Pick a schedule and turn on the sync!

Once you've activated Census, the data will always be up to date and ready to be used to build granular user segmentation, personalized emails, and overall better customer experience.

Personalization in Intercom

As with all our sync connectors, we automatically minimize API usage and respect your plan's API rate limits.

If you are an existing customer, you can start using the Intercom connector by going to your dashboard, and if you are new around here, start your free 14-day trial today.